Hire globally with the platform for scalable teams

We’ll recruit, onboard and manage your team, anywhere in the world.

Trusted by Australia’s leading companies

Trusted by Australia’s leading companies

Building and managing a global workforce can take a long time to mobilise, is fraught with local and legal complexities, and finding the ideal match isn’t always guaranteed. Teamified is a platform that will help you scale, fast.

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Getting started

We have experts in all areas ranging from Finance, Customer Service, Software Development and Marketing. Whether it be a Principal .NET engineer, Mid-Level Testing Automation Engineers, a Finance Officer or Marketing Specialist, we have team members to help scale your business. Speak with us about your requirements and we’ll recommend the best direction forward.

Diverse skillsets and experience levels

Mix and match global service partners

Partners sourced globally



Local employment laws and regulations are different in each country. Trust Teamified to help you stay compliant when hiring abroad.              

Minimise the risks that come with hiring overseas

Adhere to local regulatory compliance laws

Local benefits attract the top talent

Each employee is insured

Strict data protection, keeping your information secure  

Payments and taxes are managed through one platform

Start-up in a meeting
Scale your business

Talent management

Through a single platform, you and your team can communicate, provide feedback, track payments, benefits and more in one place. You’ll be able to:

Conduct performance reviews

Input and track expenses

Access contract and insurance information

Manage calendar information including leave, birthdays and days of significance

Recognise and reward team members


Retain great talent with local benefits

Your team will get up and running quickly with a smooth onboarding experience. Teamified automates the process by managing everything, including:

Guiding you through building your onboarding process, customised to your company.

Contract development and sign off

Equipment, software and local office accessibility

People and culture training

Working with Teamified

Teamified was built to solve the problems around working with offshore teams. We integrate with our partners to develop the best team for a scalable business. Our commitment to our people means we’re on the journey with you every step of the way - we’re a part of your team.